Committee Meeting Minutes from January 2020

Southern Moreton Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce

Date: 22 January 2020, Teleconference. 5:00pm


Meeting opened at 5:00pm

Present: Jasmine Person, Chris McGregor, Kyle Meloche, Bjorn Jeppesen, Shane Rendalls (telephone)


Invoices to be issued for donations committed at AGM by end of January.

Action: Kyle and Bjorn to examine accounting software options and Bjorn to issue invoices.

Member meeting dates. Agreed quarterly meetings of members and monthly meetings of Executive to drive action.


Members meetings 26th Feb, May 27th, Aug 26th, Nov 25th

Executive meeting dates, monthly Wednesday 5:00pm, first meeting 19 Feb, Russell Island

Key goals for 2020;

Boost the local SMBI economy

Grow tourism

Action: confirm goals next Executive committee to ratify at members meeting

Strategic plan. Jasmine and Shane to explore availability of $3k grant to support development of strategic and marketing plan. RCC grants close 2 Mar 2020, [Note: SR has contacted RCC and requested details of guidelines, content etc]. RCC has also advised that RCC runs grants writing workshops on the islands.


Shane, Kyle and Jasmine to prepare draft proposal to RCC for Committee to review within the grant timeline

Strategic plan to consider how to achieve key goals and measure success.

Engaging with members. A key focus is to build dialogue with members and potential members to identify areas of interest and strategies to deliver value. E.g. online mentoring, monthly workshops, etc


Publication of member stories. Regular profiles, etc. – Kyle to lead

Create FB poll of members to identify areas of interest. – Kyle to lead

Ideas for guest speakers to Shane

Other grants. Likely to be other grant opportunities for community capacity building enhance community engagement, employment opportunities etc.

Action: Jasmine and Shane to examine other grant opportunities with Kim Richards MP

Mentoring program. Kim Richards MP mentoring program. Initial meeting 12 February 0730, Aunt Alice’s, Russell Island

Local member support. Chris and Jasmine to follow up with Kim Richards MP options for grants and support through state government to support actions of COC

Action: Chris and Jasmine to follow up with Kim Richards MP and Cllr Mark Edwards.

Monthly workshops. Based on information from FB poll and initial meeting develop program of monthly meeting activities for members, e.g. use of social media, business planning, mentoring, marketing, budgeting, etc.

Action: First meetings