Jetty Camera Update

The project of purchasing and the installation of 2 x CCTV cameras on each of the four islands jetties was commenced by the SMBI Chamber of Commerce in 2016. The Chamber at this time secured a Federal Grant of $10,000 to complete this project. Due to costs not foreseen by the Chamber at that time, specifically to have a permanent electricity supply to the cameras on each jetty, the project is not yet completed. It will cost approximately $2,000 to $2500 per jetty for the permanent electricity supply to be installed.


The current Chamber has the cameras and all other recording equipment that was purchased, some of which is not weatherproof or tamper proof. Should this new executive committee (after 29 November AGM) decide to do so, this equipment can be sold and the appropriate equipment fit for purpose can be purchased, at little additional cost to the Chamber.


To complete this project, the Chamber needs to raise $8,000 to $10,000 for a permanent electricity supply to each of the four jetties. With the forthcoming replacement of the four jetties, the Chamber now needs to decide whether the cameras will be installed on the jetties before or after their replacement. The current Chamber has obtained the approval from RCC and the State Government to upgrade the electricity connections on the four jetties.


Car Park Cameras have never been a part of this project. 12 months ago the SMBI Chamber invited the MBCIA (who has raised funds for car park cameras on Russell Island) to jointly participate in the Russell Island Jetty Cameras, by utilising the recording equipment the Chamber has already been approved by RCC to install in the Russell Island Recreation Hall. Unfortunately, the MBCIA Committee at that time put conditions on this joint initiative which the Chamber has not accepted, such as restricting access to the recordings to only QLD Police, thus preventing the installer to maintain the equipment. Due to the location of the installed equipment, only people approved by RCC may have access to the area of building where the equipment is to be installed. As this equipment is an asset of the SMBI Chamber, we need to have access and control over our asset at all times.


This camera project is not within the core business of the Chamber of Commerce, it is a Community project which was commenced by an earlier Executive Committee. However, as the SMBI Chamber has commenced this project we would like to see the completion of the project. In 2020 we need a team to drive this jetty camera project to completion, firstly by raising the required $8,000 to $10,000, then manage the project to completion.

Are you the person we need for this project?