AGM of Southern Moreton Bay Chamber of Commerce

AGM of Southern Moreton Bay Chamber of Commerce 

Date: 29 November 2019, Russell Island Community Hall. Arrive 5:00pm, meeting to convene 5:30pm 


Our new SMBI Chamber of Commerce committee for 2020.

Meeting opened at 5:30pm 

Present: Chris McGregor, Travis Place,

Stephanie Morris, Petrae Maclean, Colin McInnes, Kirsty Holman, Sue Ellen Lacey, Robyn Freeman, Kay McGinnes, Kristy Williams, Patrick Pigued, Shane Rendalls, Josh Bull, Anne Margaret Jeppesen, Annabelle O’Shea, Kyle Meloche, Michelle McMillan, Nancy Phillips, Donna Harding, Sean Harding, Greg Gaps, Kayleen Higgs, Jasmine Person, Emma Hughes-Gage, Bjorn Jeppesen, John Riley, Patrick Murphey, Kim Richards MP 

Item 1 

Welcome from the Chair and thank you to members and guests 

Item 2 

Apologies: Emma Hughes-Gage 

Item 3 

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted. 

Moved S.P and seconded J.R. carried unanimously. 

Item 4 

Presidents report 2019 

Item 5 

Treasures financial statements for the year ending June 2019. 

Moved S.P and seconded C.I. carried unanimously. 

Item 6 

Membership and fee structure. 

The membership and fee structure as circulated with Agenda. Decision to discount full membership for 2019/2020 by 50% to be applied and refunds will be processed accordingly. 

  • Full business membership $100.00 annually. Must be registered business with ABN. Two representatives with full voting rights. Able to advertise on Chamber Membership. Profile published on Chamber web site 
  • Employee other than a representative $40.00 annually. Full voting rights. Membership only listing on Chamber web site 
  • Retired business owner, selected members of public (invited and nominated by Chamber member) $25.00 annually. Full voting rights. Membership only listing on Chamber web site 
  • Life member $nil. Full voting rights. Membership only listing on Chamber web site 
  • Club, charity, association, group $nil. Attend meeting, no voting rights 
  • Honorary member $nil. Attend meeting, no voting rights 

Moved S.R and seconded S.P. carried unanimously. 

John Riley be made a life member. 

Moved C.M and seconded J.P. carried unanimously. 

Item 7 

Code of conduct published on SMBICC website accepted. 

Moved S.R and seconded S.P. carried unanimously. 

Item 8 

2020 meeting dates referred to incoming executive. 

Item 9 

Election of executive management committee. 

  • President: Nomination Colin McInnes and Jasmine Person. JP. Elected 
  • Vice President. Nomination Chris McGregor. Elected unopposed 
  • Treasurer: Nomination Bjorn Jeppesen. Elected unopposed 
  • Secretary: Nomination from floor. Shane Rendalls. Elected unopposed 
  • Executive management committee. Nominations from the floor. Kyle Meloche, Annie O’Shea, Robyn Freeman. Elected unopposed. 

Item 10 

General Business 

  1. Report from Councillor Mark Edwards on through issues pertaining to SMBI with 

council and support to develop strategic plan. 

  1. Update on CCTV project. Donations gratefully received to complete installation: 
  • Early Learning Centre $500 
  • Talking Heads $400 
  • Kim Richards MP $500 
  1. Key focus areas for 2020 raised from the floor 
  • Continued membership growth 
  • Local business mentoring workshops 
  • Developing commercial/light industrial spaces on the islands to support small business through Business Queensland. 
  • Exploring tourism opportunities 
  • Logistics for inter-island transport 
  • Entrepreneurial support, pitch nights, incubator programs 

Item 11 

Report by Kim Richards on support to electorate and opportunities for infrastructure and small business support through Business Queensland. 

Meeting closed 7:30pm.